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Home is where your heart is and heart resides where it finds peace, calm, and beauty. Don’t you think?

After a certain period of time, we may start to feel that our own house is not appealing anymore. Maybe because we never sit down and think what should be changed or we are missing on the must haves pr essentials for home décor. There are a certain things in each home that keep its inhabitants pull spaces together. Modern methods of home décor include wall hangings or tapestry that is a great source of varied colors.

If you love to decorate your house on a minimalist’s budget and accessorize it with the basics, here are some ideas that will certainly help you:

‘Must haves’ for each house is not necessarily its furniture. While you look around your house, you may realize there are certain things that were always there in one spot and only by moving it you could give your house a new look, let alone changing their spot. So, ‘must-haves’ of a low-key home décor are:

  1. Plants
  2. Tapestries
  3. Sculptures
  4. Cushion Covers

You may wonder that you already own some of them, yet your house doesn’t appeal you. Here is why?

As opposed to the normalcy, plants can be kept in little baskets on the floor near a window that receives sunlight for the most of the day. The wooden textured floor, if you have adds an aura to the green texture of plants.

Instead of mirrors or paintings hung on walls, wall tapestries brighten up any corner of your room. Decorating the wall with tapestries such as of celtic, hippie, or Mandala will also add colors to the corner. Round Aztec deigns is a new home décor trend these days.

Cushion covers are so multitalented in nature that one can use the covers can be used for different purposes. Most common of them all is to put on sofas in living rooms, obviously. Keeping cushion covers in baskets near the bed will also give your home décor a new twist.

Sculptures are not necessarily a living room or corner table product. Metal or brass sculptures on a foyer table, kept on a tray, are another idea for home décor. Even in the kitchen, a tray can be kept containing pitchers and metal sculptures on the kitchen table.

These home décor items are very important for each corner of your house and equally important is the price. Minimalist budget is only possible when the home décor wholesaler or supplier offers products as affordable costs. Indian Masterpiece is an excellent platform for people looking for home décor ideas with not caring about the budget. At Indian Masterpiece, home décor ideas meet antiquity and modernity, at the same time. Products are highly durable, offered in varicolored and designs, for sale, and much more. Other than tapestries, sculptures, and cushion covers, the home décor online shopping portal in India also offers Candelabras, Ceramic Knobs, and wooden printing blocks.