About Us

While most of our hours are spent making money for family and self, a few left are spent in looking at the empty walls and corners of our houses. From wall color to furniture to home décor, our choices define who we are. After all, ‘home is where your heart is’!

There is an ever growing demand for quality products for homes from India. Keeping the need of quality home décor ideas in mind, India Masterpiece has come up with a wide assortment of tapestry, sculpture, cushion covers, and candelabra with exceptional designs and craftsmanship.

Indian Masterpiece is a manufacturer and supplier of wooden printing blocks, sculptures, knobs, handcrafted jewelry, wooden showpieces, and many more such products. We work towards making online shopping for your interiors easy. With aesthetical product range as provided by Indian Masterpiece, the search for thoughtful ideas has come to an end.

If you believe in modernizing your home interiors with fragments of ancient period then Indian Masterpiece is one stop shopping solution to all your requirements.

What we offer?


Ancient sculptures such as of Gautama Buddha have already been placed at numerous worshipping places or museums. However, many in India like to keep sculptures in their homes to bring positive vibes. We have the finest sculptures of all time, impeccably crafted by the experts.


The ever so versatile wall tapestries have never been outdated. Either in your lobby or drawing room or bedroom, tapestries bring colors to the surroundings and their appealing designs are what that makes them every designer’s choice.


Fashion jewelry to traditional jewelry, Indian Masterpiece will surprise your senses with the mesmerizing designs for which trained professionals are employed. The designs are our flagship service in this sphere.


We believe in promoting Indian culture through our products. In doing so, steps that we take include an exclusive collection of handicrafts for centre tables, corners, and special areas of your home that demand attention.

Wall hangings

Product range for wall hangings mostly include Candelabras. The ancient looking - modern day candelabras, specifically gather a lot of eyeballs. There is a vast variety of stylish wall hangings that is budget friendly and the latest.

Ceramic Knobs

What we may forget while beautifying our homes is that even doors and windows require special concentration and some source of mentioning. To make that happen, we present a huge collection of authentic and colorful range of ceramic knobs.